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We're changing the way people handle their finances.

As fellow Kiwis raised in New Zealand, we understand the impact of economic shifts on your life and loved ones. Witnessing the financial strain experienced by many, fueled our commitment to create a solution that goes beyond the limitations of traditional approaches. Through conversations with locals, we discovered that amidst the spreadsheets and calculations, there was a need for a more intuitive and accessible tool.

Join us on this exciting venture as we unveil a comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) product designed to ease financial stress, promote well-being, and empower you to take charge of your financial future.

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Our timeline

Founded MyFolio

Through conversations with locals, a new way to managing property finances fruitioned. This lead to MyFolio being founded.

Beta MVP Release

We strive to release our beta MVP to a select few users in the first quater of 2024. This will allow us to gather feedback and improve our product.

Product Launch

After the beta MVP release, we will be working hard to fix bugs, improve our product and release it to the public.

Feature Releases*

We will be listening to our users and prioritising features based on their feedback. We will work hard to release new features to our product.

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