• For the last ten years I have been a keynote speaker traveling the world and giving presentations on art, business, design, and more. I truly believe that art expression is a powerful tool to help change the world and I love to get the message out through my keynote presentations. I also work with many other great leaders in this industry where we put together seminars to help young students with how they express themselves and find their purpose in this world.

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  • Here are some testimonials about the work I have done as a keynote speaker

    John has consistently been ranked as one of the best speakers we have ever used over the past decade. Audiences have requested information, in advance of his next dates, so that they can plan ahead to attend. His seminars are always well attended." - Howard Mays, Executive Director Association of Fine Art

    "The content and style of your presentation was superior . . . It was alive, articulate, energetic"





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