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  • Demian Abragimov Russell is a 32-year-old government politician who enjoys walking, recycling and reading. He is inspiring and brave, but can also be very standoffish and a bit unfriendly.

    He is a Russia Buddhist who defines himself as straight. He has a post-graduate degree in philosophy, politics and economics. He has a severe phobia of flying

    Physically, Demian is in pretty good shape. He is tall with olive skin, brown hair and yellow eyes.


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  • Name:
  • Demian Abragimov
  • Location:
  • Moscow
  • Country:
  • Russian Federation
  • Gender:
  • male
  • Birthday:
  • 01/01/1989

  • Joined:
  • 4 months ago
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  • 4 months ago
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