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  • Hearthstone patchwerk decks

Скачать по ссылке: http://tairafpacol.skilos.ru/?mfl&keyword=hearthstone+patchwerk+decks - - - - - - Hearthstone patchwerk decks If he is made to draw he takes damage and there is no drawback for you! I swear to god I heard TO BATTLE 9452029847509285 times that fight. Even more frustrating is you get no reward for beating them. Rest of the deck was cheap secrets, taunts, buffs and some holy lights. I also killed Gluth with a miracle-like rogue deck. Sorrow - Patchwerk Deep stuff from Sorrow. Reward Hearthstone patchwerk decks Patchwerk in the basic battle rewards the card, as well as the ability to craft the golden version of it. Does not really matter. For anyone planning to use this deck: remove Alarm-o-Bot. Make sure to pay attention when your own Feugen or Thaddius dies. Thaddius Hero Ability Normal - Swap the Attack and Health of all minions 0 Mana. Never made it above 9 mana in this game. For more information, go. Killed him a few turns later with only one card left in

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  • Uploaded 04/03/17 at 12:58PM
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